Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And Even More Hypocrisy

...from the Repressive Rightwing. Seems there's this Congressman in California who consistently votes against every possible gay rights measure, including expanding anti-discrimination laws, recognition of out-of-state same sex marriages, and even a bill establishing a day of recognition of Harvey Milk, a longtime California gay rights advocate. His name is Roy Ashburn. Equality California, a group that advocates for expanded gay rights and other issues, has consistently given Ashburn a zero rating on its scorecard.

Well, guess what? Mr Ashburn was forced to come out after being arrested for drunk driving after leaving Faces, a gay club in Sacramento. Nice going. Now... how to explain all this to your wife and four kids. Oh, and who was that guy in the car with you?

Typical Repressed Republican -- forced to live a lie and vote against his own interests, and the rights of millions of people.

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