Monday, July 30, 2012

Willard Makes a Fool of Himself Again

 Willard Romney continues his Not So Excellent Adventure, screwing up and embarrassing himself on a daily basis on what's supposed to be his coming-out-party: his first appearance on the world stage. Instead of looking presidential, he appears to be the world's buffoon.

He insulted our biggest European ally, when he went to London on the eve of the Olympics and said he was "disconcerted" about their readiness; he couldn't remember "uh Mr Leader's" name when he was greeted by the opposition party leader; and contrary to protocol, talked openly about his meeting with the very secretive secret service which is never spoken about or acknowledged to exist.

Next he went to Israel and insulted Jews and Palestinians simultaneously, when he explained the economic disparity between the two groups was due to "culture making all the difference." Translation, "boy those Jews are good with money!" What a jackass.

Then he overstepped his boundaries as somebody who's not an official anything -- just a candidate -- and inappropriately claimed the US would back a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran.

Let's remember his BIGGEST DONOR, anti-American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, makes his money from FOREIGN CASINOS and famously said "The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform."

This, from the traitor who is trying to buy the White House.

All facts.

Corrupt Congress Insists on Tanks the Pentagon Doesn't Want

From NBCNews:

The M1 Abrams tank has survived the Cold War, two conflicts in Iraq and a decade of war in Afghanistan. But now the machine finds itself a target in an unusual battle between the Defense Department and lawmakers who are the beneficiaries of large donations by its manufacturer.

The Pentagon, facing smaller budgets and looking towards a new global strategy, has decided it wants to save as much as $3 billion by freezing refurbishment of the M1 from 2014 to 2017, so it can redesign the hulking, clanking vehicle from top to bottom.

Opposing the Pentagon’s plans is Abrams manufacturer General Dynamics, a nationwide employer that has pumped millions of dollars into congressional elections over the last decade.

After putting the tank money back in the budget then, both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees have again authorized it this year — $181 million in the House and $91 million in the Senate. If the company and its supporters prevail, the Army will refurbish what Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno described in a February hearing as “280 tanks that we simply do not need.”

There you have it. Congress gets cash from tank manufacturer, then funds unnecessary tanks that the Pentagon doesn't even want. But to "save money," Regressives cut teachers, cops and firefighters' jobs.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Most Honest 3 Minutes in Television

Jim sent me this clip from the HBO series, The Newsroom:

Willard Romney Lies About Obama -- Again

We haven't heard a single idea from Willard Romney on jobs, the economy, or anything else. All he does on the campaign trail is whine about President Obama. And lie. And lie some more.

In a speech where President Obama was talking about how teachers, roads, the infrastructure -- and all the great things that are uniquely American -- all assist people who make it in business, a maliciously edited tape was cut to make it sound as though the President claimed business people didn't create their own business. It was clearly a blatant lie as you can see when you watch more than 3 seconds of maliciously edited tape.

What he actually said:

A similar sentiment was expressed by Elizabeth Warren, economic expert, Harvard Law School professor, and candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts. Her terrific, unscripted comments went viral in 2011:

And 6 months ago Willard Romney produced a commercial with another maliciously edited tape, making it sound as if the President said "if we keep talking about the economy we will lose." Obama was actually quoting McCain:  "Just last week the McCain campaign actually said, and I quote, if we keep talking about the economy we will lose."

You can't trust this proven liar.

Release the Tax Returns!

It's not just Democrats and the Obama administration who are urging Weak Willard to stop stalling and release his tax returns. Many prominent Regressive republicans are demanding he grow up and do what his daddy did: release multiple years. Regressives like
  • George Will
  • William Krystol
  • The National Review conservative magazine
  • former RNC Chairman Michael Steele
  • Alabama Gov Robert Bentley
  • Mississippi Gov Haley Barbour
  • Tx Rep Pete Sessions
  • Foxhole Brit Hume
  • David Frum
  • Iowa Sen Chuck Grassley
  • Regressive Consultant Mike Murphy
  • even Tx Gov Rick Perry came up with 3 reasons to release the tax returns, but couldn't remember more than 2

Vigilante Killer Thug Zimmerman Wants More Donations

Did you know...

With the funds donated so far, Zimmerman and his wife spent $6,500 on Internet and phone bills, new cell phones for $300 each, paid off a year-long Verizon contract in full, installed a telephone landline for $2,500, spent $1,300 on a two-year AT&T Wi-Fi contract and paid off at least $7,000 in credit card bills.

As reported by the Miami Herald:

They used $4,378 on automotive expenses, making payments on two car loans while renting another for more than $1,500. Gas: $800.

Zimmerman paid off a $3,000 loan to his parents, paid $5,000 for bond, spent $800 at the jail commissary and $600 on jailhouse calling cards. The couple spent about $1,300 on food and $400 on utilities and $1,900 on rent.

BY ALL MEANS, send more money to this guy and his family, so they can blow through it as fast as you make it.

Vigilante Zimmerman's parents were quoted as saying, "the peaceful secure life we once knew is now just a memory."

Yeah, well, you can thank your vigilante killer thug son for pursuing, confronting, shooting and killing an unarmed kid walking back from the store with candy in his own neighborhood.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's Willard Hiding?

A recent poll asked, would Willard Romney's wealth would hurt him with voters?

No, Willard's wealth isn't what's hurting him. It's his phoniness, duplicity, lies, lack of candor, lack of character, the shady way he conceals everything about his finances.

His father made his income tax records public for TWELVE YEARS back when he ran for president, because he himself said one year could be a fluke or could be doctored for appearance's sake. So he released 12 years.

Willard refuses to make public any more than 1 year of tax records. Maybe the 2011 records, when they're eventually done being scrubbed. Maybe not.

He claims to be such a patriot, yet he stashes millions overseas in tax havens like the Cayman Islands, Swiss bank accounts and Bermuda. He's either hiding income, has more faith in foreign countries than the USA, or has gotten funds illegally. Those are the only choices. Otherwise, there's no reason to stash millions outside the USA.

And why should we elect a president who tries to avoid paying taxes on his millions? Doesn't he support the US military? All our troops? The highway system? Teachers, cops and firefighters?

Sounds very unamerican and unpatriotic.

This week it came out that he either lied to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  or to the American people when he said he no longer worked for, or was connected to, Bain Capital after Feb 1999.  But records show for 3 MORE YEARS, when all that outsourcing took place, he was collecting a salary in the highest bracket (over $100k, which could mean any amount) and was listed as Bain's CEO, sole stockholder and president of the company.

Got that? During the years he claims he "had absolutely nothing to do with the company in any way," he was listed on official documents filed with the SEC as the "CEO, sole stockholder, and president of the company."

So while his whole campaign is based on his "great business accomplishments," he desperately distances himself from his own company during the three years his vulture capital firm took over companies, fired thousands of American workers, outsourced jobs to China and India, and made tens of millions in profits.

A new political ad from the Obama campaign says it all. While Willard attempts to sing America the Beautiful, it contrasts how his money is actually hidden in tax havens all over the world, and shows where all those American jobs went.

BEST political commercial I've seen in years. Pass it along to everyone you know.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Willard Romney Booed at NAACP

He was graciously listened to, received applause, and even given a standing ovation at the beginning and end of his speech at the NAACP last week.

But when he disrespectfully referred to the Affordable Care Act with the pejorative term "Obamacare" and said he'd repeal it, he was booed for 14 seconds.

Could he have been so stupid as to blatantly tell an audience, 96% of which supports President Obama, and which benefits from many aspects of health care reform, that he planned on dumping it as soon as he's elected? Of course not.

He may have been at the NAACP, but he wasn't talking to the people in that room. He was talking to his far rightwing base, who'd be watching on TV later in the day. And the booing by the African Americans in the audience? That's a feather in his cap to his base.

Romney: FOR the Mandate Before Being Against It

So the official line of the Willard Romney campaign and the Regressive republicans last week was that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) "mandate" is not a penalty for not buying health insurance, but a "tax".

Got that? Even though only 1% would have to pay it, it's a tax, not a penalty. And Willard, therefore must be against it.

Easy to remember:

"It's a tax! It's a tax! It's a tax, I tell ya!"

And "Romney is against the mandate! Against it!"

Except that Willard's mouthpiece in the video below forgets the official line and states it's a penalty, not a tax! And we see that in 2008, Willard spoke in favor of the mandate. What he actually said is,  "if people can afford the insurance, either buy it or pay your own way. DON'T BE A FREERIDER AND PASS ON THE COST OF YOUR HEALTH CARE TO EVERYBODY ELSE."

What a riot! Watch the contradictions below:

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Bill Maher on Former Rightwing Teen

Republican Jackass of the Week

Joe Walsh.

A Regressive republican from Illinois, who is known in Congress as the Deadbeat Dad, having skipped out on child care payments amounting to $117,000 over a number of years (the case was finally settled and his ex-wife let him off the hook).

Last week he made a fool of himself yet again, blasting his Democratic opponent, labeling her "not a true hero."

A little background: his opponent is Tammy Duckworth, decorated double-amputee of the Iraq war. Duckworth lost both her legs after Iraqi insurgents hit her helicopter with a rocket propelled grenade in 2004.

"Now I'm running against a woman who, my God, that's all she talks about," said Walsh, a far rightwing Teabagger freshman in congress.  "Our true heroes, it's the last thing in the world they talk about."

So this Jackass who never served a day in the military is disparaging a woman who proudly served and lost both legs in Iraq.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obamacare: "Tax" or "Penalty"?

Much has been made over the terminology used to convince people who can easily afford health insurance to get it. The Supreme Court has decided that "Obamacare" is definitely Constitutional but the penalty for not getting health insurance cannot technically fall under the Commerce Clause but must be enforced with congress's taxing authority. So, voila, the "penalty" instantly became a "tax," and Regressive republicans have been screaming about "President Obama breaking his promise and raising taxes!"

It's nonsense.

Fact is, everyone who has health insurance and is happy with it can keep it just as it is. For those who cannot afford it, government programs can assist or pay for it. But for those who can easily afford health insurance but refuse to buy it, opting instead to run to the emergency room when they get sick and forcing their health costs on you and me and everyone else, there is a penalty -- or a tax -- to keep this from happening.

Democrats need to stop arguing about what it's called. Get on the offense! Yeah -- it's a tax -- a FREELOADER TAX to penalize people who can easily afford health insurance yet refuse to buy it and run to the emergency room so everyone else has to pay for their health care. And it will affect less than 1% of the population, just as its cousin, Romneycare, has in Massachusetts.

Democrats need to use the language as effectively as Regressives do. Nobody likes a freeloader! And that's exactly what people are who can afford health insurance but make you pay for it.