Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Romney: FOR the Mandate Before Being Against It

So the official line of the Willard Romney campaign and the Regressive republicans last week was that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) "mandate" is not a penalty for not buying health insurance, but a "tax".

Got that? Even though only 1% would have to pay it, it's a tax, not a penalty. And Willard, therefore must be against it.

Easy to remember:

"It's a tax! It's a tax! It's a tax, I tell ya!"

And "Romney is against the mandate! Against it!"

Except that Willard's mouthpiece in the video below forgets the official line and states it's a penalty, not a tax! And we see that in 2008, Willard spoke in favor of the mandate. What he actually said is,  "if people can afford the insurance, either buy it or pay your own way. DON'T BE A FREERIDER AND PASS ON THE COST OF YOUR HEALTH CARE TO EVERYBODY ELSE."

What a riot! Watch the contradictions below:

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