Friday, July 27, 2012

Vigilante Killer Thug Zimmerman Wants More Donations

Did you know...

With the funds donated so far, Zimmerman and his wife spent $6,500 on Internet and phone bills, new cell phones for $300 each, paid off a year-long Verizon contract in full, installed a telephone landline for $2,500, spent $1,300 on a two-year AT&T Wi-Fi contract and paid off at least $7,000 in credit card bills.

As reported by the Miami Herald:

They used $4,378 on automotive expenses, making payments on two car loans while renting another for more than $1,500. Gas: $800.

Zimmerman paid off a $3,000 loan to his parents, paid $5,000 for bond, spent $800 at the jail commissary and $600 on jailhouse calling cards. The couple spent about $1,300 on food and $400 on utilities and $1,900 on rent.

BY ALL MEANS, send more money to this guy and his family, so they can blow through it as fast as you make it.

Vigilante Zimmerman's parents were quoted as saying, "the peaceful secure life we once knew is now just a memory."

Yeah, well, you can thank your vigilante killer thug son for pursuing, confronting, shooting and killing an unarmed kid walking back from the store with candy in his own neighborhood.

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