Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's Willard Hiding?

A recent poll asked, would Willard Romney's wealth would hurt him with voters?

No, Willard's wealth isn't what's hurting him. It's his phoniness, duplicity, lies, lack of candor, lack of character, the shady way he conceals everything about his finances.

His father made his income tax records public for TWELVE YEARS back when he ran for president, because he himself said one year could be a fluke or could be doctored for appearance's sake. So he released 12 years.

Willard refuses to make public any more than 1 year of tax records. Maybe the 2011 records, when they're eventually done being scrubbed. Maybe not.

He claims to be such a patriot, yet he stashes millions overseas in tax havens like the Cayman Islands, Swiss bank accounts and Bermuda. He's either hiding income, has more faith in foreign countries than the USA, or has gotten funds illegally. Those are the only choices. Otherwise, there's no reason to stash millions outside the USA.

And why should we elect a president who tries to avoid paying taxes on his millions? Doesn't he support the US military? All our troops? The highway system? Teachers, cops and firefighters?

Sounds very unamerican and unpatriotic.

This week it came out that he either lied to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  or to the American people when he said he no longer worked for, or was connected to, Bain Capital after Feb 1999.  But records show for 3 MORE YEARS, when all that outsourcing took place, he was collecting a salary in the highest bracket (over $100k, which could mean any amount) and was listed as Bain's CEO, sole stockholder and president of the company.

Got that? During the years he claims he "had absolutely nothing to do with the company in any way," he was listed on official documents filed with the SEC as the "CEO, sole stockholder, and president of the company."

So while his whole campaign is based on his "great business accomplishments," he desperately distances himself from his own company during the three years his vulture capital firm took over companies, fired thousands of American workers, outsourced jobs to China and India, and made tens of millions in profits.

A new political ad from the Obama campaign says it all. While Willard attempts to sing America the Beautiful, it contrasts how his money is actually hidden in tax havens all over the world, and shows where all those American jobs went.

BEST political commercial I've seen in years. Pass it along to everyone you know.

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