Sunday, July 1, 2012

Obamacare: "Tax" or "Penalty"?

Much has been made over the terminology used to convince people who can easily afford health insurance to get it. The Supreme Court has decided that "Obamacare" is definitely Constitutional but the penalty for not getting health insurance cannot technically fall under the Commerce Clause but must be enforced with congress's taxing authority. So, voila, the "penalty" instantly became a "tax," and Regressive republicans have been screaming about "President Obama breaking his promise and raising taxes!"

It's nonsense.

Fact is, everyone who has health insurance and is happy with it can keep it just as it is. For those who cannot afford it, government programs can assist or pay for it. But for those who can easily afford health insurance but refuse to buy it, opting instead to run to the emergency room when they get sick and forcing their health costs on you and me and everyone else, there is a penalty -- or a tax -- to keep this from happening.

Democrats need to stop arguing about what it's called. Get on the offense! Yeah -- it's a tax -- a FREELOADER TAX to penalize people who can easily afford health insurance yet refuse to buy it and run to the emergency room so everyone else has to pay for their health care. And it will affect less than 1% of the population, just as its cousin, Romneycare, has in Massachusetts.

Democrats need to use the language as effectively as Regressives do. Nobody likes a freeloader! And that's exactly what people are who can afford health insurance but make you pay for it.

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