Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lucy 1996 - 2010

A very important member of the family passed away today.

Lucy, who was born sometime in the Spring of 1996, died this afternoon at around 2pm. She was rescued and given to me on July 6, 1996 along with her sister Ethel, so that's the day I celebrate as her "birthday".

When Lucy was a baby, and for her first 3 years, she had several allergies and needed monthly allergy shots. I had to learn how to administer them. As timid as I was at first, she never seemed to mind it. She was very tolerant.

About 3 years ago, it was discovered that Lucy's kidneys were 70% non-functioning. She had to eat special prescription food only, and take a supplement capsule every day. Again, she tolerated this with no problem.

Last Wednesday night, she took a turn for the worse. Lucy's back legs gave out. They could hardly hold her up without collapsing. Blood tests, urine tests and X-rays showed her kidneys were getting worse and she had a growth on one lung. She went downhill fast. Within 2 days, lymph nodes in her neck swelled, she was hardly mobile at all and her kidneys were shutting down fast.

Through all this, even with all the tests and probing, Lucy remained typically tolerant of everything. This morning, I put her on the couch next to me, and watched TV with her and Ethel. For 14 years they would sleep together and lick each others faces and heads. They slept next to each other one last time. Then I had to do the most awful thing in the world: take her to the vet, hold her head and hug her while she was "put to sleep."

Lucy was the oldest and "highest ranking" in the house. She knew it and so did everyone. She was never mean or nasty, but would occasionally slap anyone who needed to be put in place. Even the two dogs, including a pit bull mix, took the warning to back off.

"Lucy Goosey," as I called her, loved to sit on the top level of the scratching post and sunbathe once or twice a week. She was unusually pleasant, always happy, and always very sweet. Just one look at her and she'd purr. She'd always come into the office, jump on the desk and lie right next to my keyboard the whole time I was on the computer.
Lucy relaxing on the bed

She was unbelievably mellow, playful, good-natured and always happy. She accepted all the cats and the 2 dogs who came after her. She always made me happy. I'm lucky to have had her for 14 years. I miss her already.Lucy and Ethel, their last morning together.

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  1. Sweet, touching-felt like I knew her. Sorry for your loss, happy for your good years with her-Fortunate cat. Know this story well.