Sunday, October 31, 2010

Violent Dangerous Teabaggers -- Again

They claim they're not racist, but for 2 years we've seen hundreds of their disgusting, racist signs at rallies all over the country.

They claim they're not violent, but we've seen
  • rented goons assaulting and illegally detaining a reporter at a Joe Miller (Republican Teabagger Candidate) rally in Alaska
  • Carl Palladino (Republican Teabagger Candidate) threatening to "take out" a NY Post reporter
  • Sharron Angle (Republican Teabagger Candidate) claiming we need "Second Amendment remedies" -- bullets -- to use on duly-elected members of Congress
  • Rand Paul's (Republican Teabagger Candidate) campaign workers gang up on a young woman with the "wrong" opinion, wrestle her to the ground and stomp on her shoulders and head -- video above
  • Half-term governor Sarah Palin (Republican Teabagger Candidate) circulating maps with gun sites over Democratically controlled districts

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