Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Democrat Wins Ultra Conservative District in Upstate NY

Her name is Kathy Hochul, and in a shock to Regressive Republicans nationwide, last night won one of the reddest, far rightwing districts in the country, beating her Regressive challenger as well as a third party Teabagger, to win New York's 26th District with 47% of the vote.  The Regressive got 43% and the Teabagger won 8% of the vote.

It all came down to one thing: protecting Medicare.  Hochul vowed to vote against the Kill Medicare Bill that House Republicans have embraced. This bill would eliminate Medicare as we know it, replacing it with a voucher program.

The reason Medicare exists in the first place is because no insurance company (which is in business to make a profit) would ever choose to insure the health of people in their 70s, 80s and 90s.  The Kill Medicare Bill would instead give seniors a check for $15k and a handshake for good luck to find some company, somewhere, to insure their health needs.  Can't find one?  Too bad.  It would go into effect in ten years, for people who are currently under 55.

The Kill Medicare Bill was brought to a vote in the Senate today. It failed 40-57.

From Huffington Post:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held a vote today on the Paul Ryan budget, and Republicans were only able to muster 40 votes for it -- each and every one of which will immediately be turned into a campaign commercial by the Democrats (although not all 40 are up for election next year). Nancy Pelosi has a snappy new slogan she's testing out, in response to Republican complaints that Democrats "have no plan." Pelosi's response? "We have a plan -- it's called Medicare." Not bad, as slogans go.

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