Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pass This Jobs Bill Right Away

President Obama's jobs bill has been released. It will help bring employment back to some of the 14,000,000 Americans who are currently without jobs.  Of course, the predictable Regressive Republicans were against it before they even read it, screaming the two word mantra "class warfare!"  But they are the ones who have consistently engaged in class warfare, declaring war on the middle class American worker, by railing against the minimum wage, stripping labor unions of the ability to bargain on their own behalf, cutting salaries to teachers, cops and firemen, and eliminating government jobs by the millions. And they incessantly lie, making the false claim that when the wealthy have a to pay a higher tax rate, employment decreases. That's a blatant lie, as the following chart shows:

That little, teeny tiny red bar (above) is where we are right now -- with essentially no employment growth although the tax rate is only 35%. Notice how much higher job growth was when the top tax rate for the rich was 39%... 50%... even 90%! Yet the Fake News mouthpieces relentlessly repeat the scripted lie that a higher tax rate for the wealthy will "hurt job growth". And their hypnotized audience of Foxbots believes every word.

History proves that's a lie.

Here is how the President plans to cut the deficit, with a balanced approach of spending cuts and new revenue:

The vast majority of Americans agree with the President and wants this balanced approach. Call your US Senator and US Representative and tell them to pass President Obama's bill now.

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