Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Far Rightwing Laws Go Down in Flames

Last night the Regressive republicans got their teeth kicked in all over the country as Americans went to the polls. Rightwing extremist ideas were soundly rejected all across the country:
  • In Maine, same-day registration and voting will be reinstated after Regressive republicans legislated to eliminate the popular practice as a way to suppress the vote (fewer people voting always means better results for republicans);
  • Mississippi's "personhood" law, making all forms of birth control illegal, making all forms of abortion illegal, including in the cases of rape or incest, and making a fertilized egg "a person" at the moment of conception failed. If a far rightwing law like this can fail in a bright red, goober-filled, moronic state like Mississippi, it has no chance to pass anywhere else;
  • in Arizona, the Repressive republican president of the Senate, and the architect of the harsh anti-immigration law in that state, was recalled;
  • In Michigan, Regressive republican representative Paul Scott lost his seat after backing policies that weakened teacher tenure and cut education spending;
  • And the biggest win for Liberals was in Ohio, where, by a huge margin, voters overturned Gov John Kasich's anti-collective bargaining legislation.  Voters said loudly and clearly they wouldn't stand for Kasich's war on the American worker.

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  1. I generally like your page, but as a citizen of a neighboring “goober” state I’m offended by your remarks re: Mississippi. They did the right thing; you can’t just give them an “attaboy” without adding a gratuitous insult? Mississippians are goobers, every one, just as black can sing and dance but tend to steal and Jews are clever but avaricious and unscrupulous. I was in Mississippi for a week working on the Katrina cleanup, and I can tell you there are some wonderful people in that state, many of them at least as progressive as yourself. Regionalism is no better than racism.