Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Barack is Baaaaack!

This time, he wasn't so generous or polite in allowing dozens of big fat lies spewed from the mouth of Willard Romney to go unanswered.   President Obama was tough, firm, strong and presidential.

Some of my favorite moments:

Willard claimed that the administration took 2 weeks before stating the Benghazi killings were acts of terror. When Willard asked the President if he indeed referred to it a terrorist attack the very next day in the Rose Garden, President Obama replied, "that's what I said."  Again, Willard goaded him with the same question. "Please proceed," the president politely replied.

And then the lie. Willard made the false claim that the administration took 14 days to call it an act of terror. President Obama calmly said, "check the transcript." Even veteran news reporter Candy Crowley stated, "he did call it terrorism".  And here is the tape, proving Willard to be the liar that he is:

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Apparently video tape has a Liberal bias.

And then there's the whining that increased security at the Benghazi location was denied. State Department cables prove that there was no request for increased security at the Benghazi diplomatic location, let alone a denied one.

And what gall to whine about "denied security," when it was the Regressive republicans in congress who cut security to embassies and consulates by $500 million.

Here is a rightwing Regressive republican House member from Utah admitting that they cut security funding:


And then the Regressive republicans' war on women.

When asked months ago, Willard Romney refused to say whether he'd sign the Lilly Ledbetter equal-pay law. He avoided the question again last night.   From Think Progress:  

At Tuesday’s presidential debate, both candidates were confronted with a question about equal pay for women, who currently make 77 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. President Obama touted his first bill signed into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which gave women more flexibility to sue over pay inequity.

Romney avoided the question, instead choosing to talk about how he made an effort to hire women during his governorship (a claim later contested by Massachusetts women’s advocacy groups). Soon after the debate, however, senior Romney adviser Ed Gillespie told the Huffington Post that, while Romney would not repeal the Lilly Ledbetter Act, he “was opposed to it at the time” and would not have signed it.

"I care for 100% of the American public," Willard claimed, in yet another attempt to refute the disturbing hidden-camera video of him clearly stating, at great length, that he has disdain and contempt for 47% of Americans who he believes are victims and moochers who "refuse to take responsibility for themselves," since they don't pay income taxes. Those moochers and takers Willard was talking about apparently include American veterans who don't pay income taxes; current American military personnel who don't pay income taxes; retirees; and those at or below the poverty line who don't pay income taxes -- yet still pay sales taxes, payroll taxes, gas taxes, property taxes, etc.

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