Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8 Regressive Republican Governors Suddenly Accept Obamacare for their States

From the Huffington Post:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie became the eighth Republican governor to back expanding Medicaid under President Barack Obama's health care reform law on Tuesday.

"After considerable discussion and research, I have decided to participate in Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. While we already have one of the most expansive and generous Medicaid programs in the nation, including the second highest eligibility rate for children, we have an opportunity to ensure that an even greater number of New Jerseyans who are at or near the poverty line will have access to critical health services beginning in January of 2014," Christie said.

Other Republican governors, including Florida's Rick Scott and Ohio's John Kasich, also support the Medicaid expansion. Altogether, 25 states and the District of Columbia plan to broaden the program under the health care reform law beginning next year. Most of the new enrollees in states that expand are expected to be adults without children living at home, who were not previously covered by Medicaid.

Most of these far rightwing extremists blasted Obamacare as "too expensive / government controlled health care / Socialist / Communist." Now they seem all too willing to accept what their constituents want. Maybe it's because most of these liars and hypocrites are up for re-election. Maybe it's because Medicare Expansion will be 100% funded for the next 3 years by the Federal Government and won't cost the states a cent. After three years, the Fed will cover 97%, dropping slightly for several years until it reaches 90% where it will remain.

This reminds me of all the rightwing Teabagger extremist Republican governors who claimed to refuse stimulus money, only to be caught sending letters begging for their fair share and then having pictures taken of them cutting ribbons at the grand opening of these projects in their states.

They're all the same: first make a big show of claiming you hate the President and turning your back on the program, then, as sneakily as possible, open that slimy palm to get as much as you can.

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