Tuesday, April 9, 2013

McConnell Plans to Filibuster Gun Bill

I can't remember the last time 92% of Americans agreed on anything.

But that's the number most polls show want universal background checks for gun purchases. Currently about 40% of gun purchases take place with no background checks whatsoever.

Polls show even most Republicans want background checks. And the majority of NRA members want background checks. Yet the Regressive republican holdouts in Congress refuse to do the will of the American people.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, and 14 other Senate Regressives, have vowed to join the filibuster, which would not allow Senator Harry Reid's legislation to even come to a vote.

A CBS News poll says universal background checks for potential gun buyers continue to receive very strong support, with 90 percent in favor of that measure (similar to results in January and February). Eighty-six percent of Republicans, and 86 percent of gun owners themselves, support this proposal.

An ABC News / Washington Post poll shows that 65% of all American adults favor a ban on high capacity magazines, including a majority of Regressives (59%). 

A Qunnipiac poll shows that 56% want a ban on assault weapons -- the rapid fire military style guns that are used in military situations.

Despite all polls showing the majority wants background checks, bans on assault weapons and limits on clip capacity, 15 Regressive Senate republicans, including their leader, are turning their backs and saying "screw you" to the American people who voted them in and are paying their salaries. These Regressives are bought and owned by the NRA, the lobbyist group for gun manufacturers.

And to make himself look even worse, McConnell announced his filibuster at the exact moment President Obama was giving a speech in Hartford, Connecticut, and meeting with the family members of the 20 kids shot to death in that state. You can clearly see where Obama's and McConnell's priorities are.

Keep it up, Mitch. You have the lowest approval ratings of any US Senator. Your job is on the line next year. Hopefully the people of Kentucky will send you back to your terrarium to spend the rest of your days nibbling on lettuce.

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