Friday, December 6, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and brother of former president Dubya. It's been a long time since this irrelevant Bush relic of the past has been in the news.

"Why would our president close the embassy to the Vatican? Hopefully it's not retribution for the Catholic organizations opposing ObamaCare."

Yep. That's what he said last week.

Two things wrong with that provocative lie.

(a) The US embassy near the Vatican is indeed closing -- but only because a newer, less expensive, more secure one is being built even closer to the Vatican.

(b) The new embassy wasn't initiated by President Obama -- it's been in the works since Jeb's idiot brother was president.

This wasn't just a lie, it was listed as a "Pants on Fire!" lie according to Politifact.

Is he really this stupid? Or is he auditioning for a job enraging low-information viewers on Fox?

Or does has he simply been longing to be honored as the Republican Jackass of the Week?

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