Friday, March 21, 2014

Republican Jackass of the Week

US House member from Wisconsin, House Budget Committee Chairman, and failed vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R).

Recently, while pandering to his rightwing base, and thinking he was cleverly avoiding referring directly to African-Americans, he said this: 

"We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work."

Hmm. Exactly what "culture" of people do we find in the inner cities? And what does "not even thinking about working" mean?

His oh-so-clever statement translates to "lazy black people." He's using old racist fears and stereotypes to gather support and rile up his far rightwing base.

Hey Paul, did you think we couldn't clearly understand exactly what you were saying? If your low-information, Fox-watching, racist, Teabagger fans were able to figure it out, everybody was.

Apparently people who live in the inner cities, with substandard schools, substandard housing, a lack of jobs, lots of crime, and increased targeting by police, actually enjoy living below the poverty line. Who knew.

This often-repeated red meat, thrown to his far rightwing supporters further propagates the factually incorrect assumption that more blacks than whites are on welfare. Fact is the vast majority of welfare recipients always has been white.

But why let facts get in the way when you can push lies and racist stereotypes, rile up your base, increase fundraising, and have Fox Noise back up your bizarre position?

Paul Ryan, our Republican Jackass of the Week. Again.

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