Friday, April 25, 2014

2 Bonus Republican Jackasses of the Week

So in redder-than-red Oklahoma these days, they are so PO'ed about same sex marriage, and not being able to legally ban it, that they're considering banning all marriages in the state just so "them thar perverts" can't get married.

But that's a different story for another day.

This is about Oklahoma's State House, Senate and Governor establishing a law that now punishes residents for saving energy by using solar panels on their homes.

Yes, in Oklahoma you'd better write a nice big fat check if you're not supporting oil-powered or coal-fired electricity.

In most states, if your home actually produces more energy than you consume, you can put it back to the grid and make a few bucks. But not in Oklahoma.

Read more here.


Hey, what's new in Georgia these days? Well, thanks to their Republican legislature and Republican governor there's a new gun law on the books.

And it's got one of those wonderfully misleading names Republicans love so much. Like the "Healthy Forest Initiative" which allowed for clearcutting.

This one's called the Safe Carry Protection Act, better known as the Guns Everywhere Law.

It allows licensed gun owners to take their loaded weapons into schools, school zones, churches, bars, nightclubs, some parts of airports and some government buildings.

Guns in schools. I can't imagine a problem. Can you?

Guns and drunks in bars. What could possibly go wrong?

Interesting that these legislators seem to think it's fine and dandy to pack heat everywhere, except you still can't bring your gun to the State Capital where they  work. No, that would be dangerous.

I guess it's the same hypocritical reason that the NRA and gun nuts want loaded guns everywhere except at gun shows.

You'd better unload that thing before walking into a gun show. Somebody could get hurt after all.

The legislatures and governors of Georgia and Oklahoma. This week's bonus Republican Jackasses of the Week.

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