Friday, June 20, 2014

Republican Jackass of the Week

Former Vice President and current War Criminal Dick Cheney.

The man who cannot visit a whole list of countries because he will be arrested on sight wrote an op-ed piece for the Rupert Murdock-owned Wall Street Journal, and appeared -- not on network TV but in a cheaply-made YouTube video -- wearing a cowboy costume and standing next to his daughter (not the gay one, but the one who was soundly beaten by her own party in a recent primary election in Wyoming).

He spoke in attempt to belittle President Obama and rewrite his own embarrassing legacy as the man who failed to protect the country from the worst terrorist attacks in history, and then promptly lied America into attacking and occupying a country that had nothing to do with those attacks.

He looked like a frail, angry, bitter old man, waving his fists at the clouds.

He has no power, no influence, no credibility. He apparently still has no shame, having lied us into an unnecessary, deadly, expensive war. Everything he said from the pre-war days forward, has been a purposeful lie or just plain wrong.

"They'll view us as liberators... the oil will pay for the war... it'll take weeks rather than months... Saddam no doubt has weapons of mass destruction... uranium tubes... yellowcake uranium... Saddam was behind 9/11... the insurgency is in its last throes (in 2005)... "

At this point you can't even be angry with him. You see him as a pathetic, empty shell, like a burned out building. Politicians, the American public, even far rightwingers couldn't care less about what he has to say these days. He's angry, seething, and still trying to rewrite his sad legacy.

He doesn't even scare Fox Noise into kissing his ass anymore. Can it get any worse than that?

During a live interview this week, rising Fox star Megyn Kelly did something no one had ever dared to do to Dick: make him face the facts that he was wrong about everything connected to the war. (Of course, she then let him ramble on and on, skirting the issue, and never held his feet to the fire. Remember this is Fox, after all.)

But it was a rare 30 seconds of reality on Fox:

He's become such a pathetic, irrelevant, preposterous figure, that it's almost too easy to make him the Republican Jackass of the Week.

I did say "almost."

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