Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coffee Cups, Tan Suits and Paper Clips

Funny how, whenever Fox Noise tells its gullible audience to be outraged about something, they instinctively obey.

The latest bit of fake outrage is the "coffee cup caper" in which President Obama allegedly "showed terrible disrespect to our wonderful servicemen" by saluting with a cup in his hand as he got off Air Force One. Here's the photo that's causing the hissy fit.

I guess this would be the correct way to "show respect"?
This is so much more dignified.

The fact is, these return-salutes were never commonplace until Ronald Reagan began saluting everyone he saw back in the 80s. Why not? It makes for a good photo op, and as you know Ronnie was in show business -- one of those "Hollywood elites" the rightwingers can't stand today.

But really, there is no such protocol requiring any president to salute. That's why for over 200 years it didn't happen. Presidents are not necessarily supposed to salute. Proper protocol states that servicemen are to salute the Commander In Chief, not the other way around.

But this latest edition of  "we hate Obama but we can't actually say it's because he's black" will be added to the long list of other silly fake scandals the rightwingers take so seriously.  Here's a partial list...

Even the suit's "too brown" for righties.
He wore a tan suit!
He wears mom-jeans!
He's bad at bowling!
He bows to foreign leaders!
What was that? A terrorist fist bump?
He put mustard on a burger!
He held a hip-hop barbecue!
He invited Republicans to a beer summit!
No tie in the oval office!
Feet on desk!
He pointed over sneeze bar!
Cheap paper clip on Job Bill!
He likes golf!
He takes vacations (1/3 of Bush's vacation time)!
He doesn't wear the flag pin often enough!

Fox Noise is outraged at that paper clip. 

Black cooties may fall from that hand!  

Where's the tie?  

There had better not be mustard on that burger, Mister!

Are those mom jeans?

Hey! Americans are supposed to be rude! Don't bow to anyone!

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