Friday, October 17, 2014

Republican Jackass of the Week

Felon, Medicare fraudster and Florida governor Rick Scott  (R).

No doubt by now you've heard all about his hissy fit and refusal to walk onstage for the first five minutes of a gubernatorial debate with Charlie Crist in South Florida Wednesday night. If not, you won't believe the reason for Scott's temper tantrum.

A small electric fan.

Yeah, Crist had a small fan at his feet behind the podium despite the "nothing electronic" rule at the debate. For the record, a fan is electric, not electronic. Clearly, the intent of the rule is to ban electronic earpieces, iPads, cell phones, and things of that nature.

How petty and small a person must be to become so enraged that for the first five minutes of a widely televised debate he refused to walk out!

Here's what that video clip looked like:

Can anyone seriously support a guy who throws a fit and refuses to discuss issues important to Florida voters -- because of a perceived violation of the debate rules regarding a fan?!

But really, was it a violation? After the debate, Crist's campaign posted a copy of the rules that includes a note saying, "the debate hosts will address any temperature issues with a fan if necessary."

But even if it was a real violation, and let's say Rick Scott had the fan, can you imagine Charlie Crist sulking and refusing to participate?

The next morning a reporter asked Scott, "What happened last night? Why did you take the stage so late?" To which Scott replied, "Well Charlie was throwing a fit. He was sayin' he wasn't going to show up so we waited to see if he was gonna show up."

Here's that 10-second clip:

Hmm. He had to wait to see if Crist would show up? I seem to remember seeing Crist onstage for 5 minutes before Scott calmed down, got himself under control and was able to appear.

Rick Scott, putting the "goober" in gubernatorial. And earning the honor of being our Republican Jackass of the Week.

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