Friday, May 1, 2015

Republican Jackass(es) of the Week

Is his name really Randy Boning?
Time to catch up on a few...

Representative Randy Boehning of Fargo, North Dakota.

The headline says it all: "Anti-gay Republican lawmaker caught on gay websites looking for encounters..."

Talk about your self-hating Republicans...


Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, senator from Kentucky and delusional candidate for president.

His quote on Baltimore protests and riots? "Violence is about lack of fathers and morals."

He should know all about lack of fathering and morals. His own son is perpetually driving drunk and getting into trouble with the law.

Oh, and he's an uncertified eye doctor. Just thought I'd throw that in.


Oklahoma representative Kevin Calvey had a temper tantrum like a 5 year old in a grocery store this week. Seems he didn't want state Supreme Court judges and other court judges to get a 6% raise paid for by court fees, because some of those judges struck down a few unconstitutional laws restricting abortions.

So he threatened to light himself on fire. For real. Watch the 30 second clip:


Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has cut so many millions of dollars in school funding that several districts in that state have announced they will end the school year early citing lack of funding. So Kansas doesn't have enough money to keep the schools open for the full year...

But he somehow managed to conjure up half a million dollars to defend one of his anti-abortion bills.

Just four of the overwhelming number of Republican Jackasses of the Week.

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