Thursday, January 14, 2010

He'll Say Anything to Get Attention

He's become the bloated male version of Ann Coulter. ("Male version?" Isn't that redundant?) He'll say any outrageous thing so people will pay attention, even if it makes him and his far right wingnut followers look even more foolish than usual.

With hundreds of thousands dead from the recent earthquake in Haiti, Rush Limbaugh claims the only reason President Obama is sending aid to Haiti is "to boost his credibility with the black community." Yeah, I guess every US President and every world leader who sends emergency disaster relief anywhere in the world does it to score political points.

Oh, and the genius also discouraged his listeners from making donations. "We've already donated to Haiti," he said. "It's called the U.S. income tax."

One might think you'd have to be high on Oxycontin or something to purposely make yourself sound that foolish.

Before you get angry, realize that Limbaugh does a tongue-in-cheek comedy show. His listeners aren't in on the joke, but people who are a little brighter certainly are. With all the blustery crazies like Glen Beck, Billo, Man Coulter, Sean Hannity, etc, he's got to be over-the-top to get attention. There's nothing to take seriously here. But it's good that he continues to make himself and the Repressive Party look hateful and divisive. We appreciate the good work, Rush!

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