Monday, January 11, 2010

In What Respect, Char-lee?

She's uninformed, doesn't like to study, can't tell fact from fiction, can't name a newspaper, doesn't know there are 2 Koreas, has no idea what the Federal Reserve Bank is, doesn't know much about politics, history, or anything really, so she's found her niche: at the Fox Comedy News Channel!

It's official. Sarah Palin will be a "contributor," meaning you'll see her constantly like you see Karl Rove, disgraced speaker Newt Gingrich, tax cheat Dick Morris, Frank-the-pasty-opinion-poll-guy and the rest of that bunch. Another far right wingnut on a "very balanced" channel.

Finally, a job she's not underqualified for.

While this is great news for those of us who love comedy, it's bad news politically because if she's pontificatin' on the TV machine, she's not runnin' fer president. And we want her runnin'. You betcha.

"My first guest tonight is Vice President O'Biden. Can I call ya Joe?"

"I can see East Korea from my house."

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