Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christine O'Donnell

She has nothing to do with anything important on a national level; she's running to be Senator of Delaware. But she's been such a cartoonish figure since the national spotlight hit her, that we just can't stop looking. Kinda like passing a bad car accident. That's Christine O'Donnell, Regressive Senate candidate.

She has claimed she "dabbled in witchcraft."
She has some weird sex hangups.
She would stop everyone from masturbating, if she could.
She wonders, "if evolution is real, why don't we see monkeys turning into humans today?"
She believes we have mice-people running around.

UPDATE: New quotes from Christine as of Oct 4, 2010:
She would have become a Hare Krishna (they're vegetarian) but she loves meatballs.
She claims she had classified intelligence about China plotting to take over the US.

Not making any of this up. Now she claims to have gone to several colleges that have no record of her ever attending. "Christine who?" is becoming the usual response. That's been the case with Claremont Graduate University as well as University of Oxford and Farleigh Dickinson University.

Christine who?

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live opened the show with cast member Kristen Wiig playing the part of Christine O'Donnell. It's a riot.

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