Friday, February 11, 2011

Regressives Accomplish Nothing in First Month

They were dancing in the streets. The Regressive Republicans, with the help of the Teabaggers, won back a majority in the House of Representatives. "We're gonna balance the budget! We're gonna create jobs! We're gonna eliminate Obamacare!" they proclaimed.

Mission: Not accomplished.

What DID they do? Essentially nothing.

  • The reading of the Constitution (or parts of it). Yes, they took turns reading aloud sections of the US Constitution -- except for the sections they didn't like or were embarrassed by, like that whole "blacks are 3/5 of a person" thing, and that Regressive Prohibition amendment.
  • The pledge to have "open rules" allowing Democrats to offer amendments. Well, except for that very first bill trying in vain to repeal health care reform. No amendments were allowed. Whoops.
  • The swearing in ceremony. The oath was taken by all Regressives except for 2 who failed to show up on the very first day. Pete Sessions(R) and Mike Fitzpatrick(R), pictured above, decided to go to a FUNDRAISER instead of the swearing-in ceremony. But, get this, they claim they watched on C-Span, raised their hands and took the oath in front of a TV set! As if that counts. If that were the case, anybody who watched on C-Span, raised their hands and took the oath could have instantly become a US congressman! Morons. To make matters worse, they actually voted on issues illegally on subsequent days before being given a second-chance swearing in ceremony.

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