Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fox Lies

Purposely misleading their audience is what it's all about. In this case, they chose to use year-old footage to pretend Ron Paul was booed when he won a straw poll concerning who the Regressive candidate should be. The current year's clip actually shows he received overwhelming cheers. Watch the clip:

Next time one of your rightwing friends/relatives/coworkers needs a little proof of how they are being purposely lied to by a foreign-owned, Saudi-financed organization, send them this link as well as the following links:

  • They spliced in footage from a successful Teabag rally to prop up the crowds at a poorly-attended rally:

  • Tape of Anderson Cooper was carefully edited to make it sound like a quote he was reading was actually his own opinion presented as news:

  • They lie so much a survey shows how many issues are misunderstood:

  • Footage of peaceful pro-union protests by 100,000 people in Wisconsin was replaced by hostile, violent crowds at some other event, as you can tell by the palm trees in Wisconsin:

  • They claimed CNN, Reuters and other journalists were "used as human shields" by Ghaddafi in Lybia:
  • Edited clip to pretend President Obama wanted to raise taxes on everyone:

  • An internal memo tells staffers which inflammatory words to use to provoke viewers:

  • Graphic incorrectly states that a huge majority believes global warming is a hoax:

  • Careful editing makes Shirley Sherrod say the opposite of what she actually said:

  • Providing ridiculous, sky-high false figures on a Presidential trip:

  • "Fair and balanced", yet donates $1,000,000 to the republican party:

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