Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jobs Report Slows for Month of June

Only about 20,000 jobs were gained last month.

The Regressive republicans want it both ways.  They complain and whine about jobs and yet on the local, state and national level they're firing government workers by the tens of thousands, including teachers, cops and firefighters.  This last jobs report shows that private sector jobs increased by about 60,000 (still not high enough, of course) but minus the 40,000 that were fired from state and local positions, the net increase was about 20,000.

So they're whining about jobs one minute and firing thousands the next. They actually want the jobless rate to increase for their own political gain next election year, as un-American and treasonous as that sounds. The Ditz from Minnesota admitted that yesterday, when a CNBC reporter said as unemployment rises so does your chance to be elected next year, to which she replied with a big cheery "I hope so!"

And let's remember that last year the Regressive republicans won back the House by running on "jobs, jobs jobs!"

So, Mr Weeper of the House, where are the jobs?  Have John Boner and the Regressive Republicans in the House put even one jobs bill on the table? No.  They only things they've become obsessed with are abortion, same sex marriage and even more tax breaks for millionaires.

It's simple. Without a big stimulus putting work and money in the pockets of Middle Americans, they can't spend money and push the economy forward again.

Giving greater tax breaks to millionaires does nothing. They've had these tax breaks for 10 years and aren't handing out jobs -- they're sitting on their money. If the middle class gets jobs and money, THEY SPEND IT. More buying = more selling. Supply and demand both rise. If the middle class has money to spend, the economy moves forward.  Problem solved.

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