Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Republicans Want to Change the US Constitution

They claim to be strict Constitutionalists. They claim every law needs to be backed by the Constitution. Yet though they claim to "love the Constitution," the Regressive Republicans came up with 42 amendments in the last Congress alone to attempt to change the Constitution.

As listed on The Rachel Maddow Show, these are just a few of the more recent attempts to change the document the rightwingers allegedly love so much:
  • Amendment to make English the official language
  • Change the Fourteenth Amendment so you are not necessarily a US citizen by being born here
  • Ban the US government from buying stock in a company
  • Ban the president from entering into a treaty that would change US currency into some sort of global currency
  • Repeal Seventeenth Amendment, where we get to elect senators
  • Parental rights amendment to make sure the UN doesn't repeal parents' rights
  • Ban gay marriage
  • Ban abortion
  • Ban desecration of the flag
  • Ban deficits
  • Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment to ban the income tax
Keep this in mind the next time one of them screams about this law or that law "that's un-Constitutional!" The United States Constitution apparently is a document that should be changed, at will, for the convenience of whatever the Regressives are pushing at any given moment, to suit their agenda.

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