Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Quitter Quits Again?

 Is the big gaudy bus tour over already?

Sarah Palin's stops a couple of weeks ago turned out to be public relations disasters. ("The Statue of Liberty was a gift, warning us not to make mistakes other countries made; Paul Revere fired shots and rang bells to warn the British," etc.)

Even The Daily Show's John Oliver said to Palin at one of the stops, "This bus is the perfect metaphor for your presidential campaign: a flag-draped monstrosity with no real direction."

Seems like the tour has stopped as quickly as it began.  But it was never meant to kick off a presidential campaign. Even a head as empty as hers has enough of a brain to know that she can't win the Republican nomination, let alone the general election.  It was a vacation/promotional tour to push her ghost-written books and her upcoming self-indulgent movie, hilariously called Undefeated.

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