Friday, January 6, 2012

Republican Racism and Recess Appointments

I often wonder, "what is it about Regressive republicans that makes them oblivious to the concept of video tape?" Why do they never understand that they cannot deny what they said yesterday, last week, or 20 years ago, because clearly we can watch them say it over and over simply by hitting the play button?

This was the case today with this hour's Regressive front-runner-presidential-wannabe-who-has-no-chance-whatsoever, Rick Santorum. Here he's quoted as saying "I don't want to make black peoples' lives better by giving them somebody else's money." Later in the day, he claimed he didn't say "black people," but rather "started a word and then changed it."

Okay. Watch for yourself.

So then if you didn't finish the word "black," what exactly did you mean, Rick, when you said "blah people"? Who are these blah people?   Own up to your words.  We can, through the magic of that evil video tape, clearly see and hear you say "black people".  You were speaking to a bunch of far rightwing republicans and were perpetuating the often-debunked lie that most people on welfare are black.

They are not.

Ten seconds worth of Googling will tell you that:

37% of welfare recipients are white
27% are black
11% are hispanic.

This refusal by Regressive republicans to accept that their words can be easily verified seems to go, hand in hand, with another mental deficiency: their inability to accept that we can verify basic facts and statistics.

The latest example came up when President Obama made a "recess appointment" of Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He did this because for almost a full year, the Regressive republicans in the Senate refused to confirm anyone the President supported for this post. The Regressives don't want this government bureau to protect you from fraud and scams by financial institutions. And the Senate has not been in session since the holidays. Yet they claim the Senate is in session, because they have one member attend, open and then close the Senate session a minute later. So since they're really not in session, and are not doing any governing whatsoever, the President may then circumvent the Senate and appoint who he wants without their approval.

Well, they're just livid about this, calling it "unprecedented".

That's a lie.

President Obama has made exactly 29 recess appointments. This is what they pretend to be outraged about. Unprecedented! How dare he! Who does he think he is?!

Oh, wait a minute. How many recess appointments were made by George W. Bush? Ten seconds of Googling shows he made 171.  And their hero, Saint Ronald Reagan Who Could Do No Wrong, made a whopping 243 recess appointments.

Another fake argument bites the dust.

Read more here.

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