Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wisconsin's Rightwing Extremist Gov Survives Recall

Governor Scott Walker may have survived his recall election, but there's great news from Wisconsin today!

One of the Regressive senators has been recalled, and replaced by a Democrat. This means the Wisconsin senate is now controlled by Democrats! And that means Walker's radical far rightwing agenda comes to a screeching halt.

It would have been nice to get rid of this anti-middle class, anti-union radical, but putting Democrats in charge of the Senate was a good move by Wisconsin voters.  And although their governor spent 8 times the amount spent by Mayor Barrett, his Democratic opponent, he didn't win with 8 times the votes.

And exit polling from the very voters who kept Radical Walker in office has clearly shown if they were voting for president today, they'd pick President Obama over Wishy Washy Willard 53% - 42%.

In addition, Walker is the only governor in the country with a CRIMINAL DEFENSE FUND. He knows he's expected to be indicted within days or weeks for his part of the corruption and embezzlement scandals being investigated.

Looking forward to November!

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