Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Yes, he is as dumb as he looks.
Texas Republican representative Louie Gohmert.

This guy can't seem to go more than a few days without making a fool of himself ("they're havin' terrorist babies!"... "repeal the 17th Amendment" [allowing Americans to directly vote for their senators]... "them overt homosexuals are an impediment to the military").

His latest bit of lunacy is his introduction of an amendment that would "block President Obama from using federal funds for any future golf outings until the White House tours are reinstated." The tours have been recently stopped due to sequester cuts -- which ironically were insisted on, and passed by, the republicans in the House and gloated over by John Boner ("I got 98% of what I wanted; I'm pretty happy").

So... the President should be banned from playing golf because the Regressive republicans got exactly what they wanted -- drastic sequester cuts. And they refuse to compromise, refuse to close even a single loophole on millionaires, and refuse to end the sequester they themselves demanded.

Perhaps there should be a ban on golf and bourbon for John Boehner, who decided the House will only work 126 days this year.

By the way, I seem to remember an event that was slightly bigger, slightly more important than a sequester.

It was the biggest terrorist attack in American history, in which 3,000 people were killed. And right after that, some other president went out to play golf. Where was the fake republican outrage then?

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