Friday, June 28, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

Little-known Kansas representative Tim Huelskamp (R).

As you know, on Wednesday the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, forcing the federal government to recognize legally married same sex couples, and provide to them the same thousand rights that are bestowed upon opposite sex married couples. In essence, it said that treating some legally married couples differently from others is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

As most polls show, the majority of Americans approve of same sex marriage, and strongly disagree with Regressive republicans on all social issues that discriminate against women, Hispanics, blacks, the LGBT community, etc.

Enter Little Timmy Huelskamp.

He and other far rightwing House Regressives want to immediately begin attempts to revive the Federal Marriage Amendment in the next few days. This would amend the US Constitution to make same sex marriage illegal.

Would you believe that?

Considering this group of rightwing nutjobs, I'd have to say yes. Doesn't surprise me. An amendment to ban gay marriage right on the heels of the Supreme Court granting equal rights to same sex couples -- how typical. And how out of touch, as usual.

I thought after the Official Regressive Republican Autopsy a few months ago, these fringe lunatics vowed to steer clear of making idiotic, scientifically bizarre abortion statements, stop attacking gays and lesbians, end their War on Women, and get on track with immigration reform so as to stop alienating Hispanics in America.

How silly of me.

Of course a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage probably won't pass even John Boner's uncontrollable House; it definitely won't pass the Senate and you can bet the house on the fact that President Obama won't sign it. It's just another fundraising scheme.

What a waste of time. Hey, shouldn't you Regressives be doing something useful? Like pretending to repeal Obamacare for the 38th time?

Timmy Huelskamp, our Republican Jackass of the Week. Congrats.

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