Friday, July 5, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

California State Senator Mimi Walters (R).

Meet another one of these very far rightwing fringe radicals who thinks she's going to take the country back to the Stone Age.

She's running for Congress next year, and one of her biggest financial supporters is Howard Fieldstead Ahmanson, a millionaire pushing for strict biblical law in the United States.

That means stoning to death adulterers, juvenile delinquents, Atheists, and of course, their favorite targets, "the ho-mo-sexuals". The nutjob rightwing millionaire backing her is also director of the Discovery Institute, which, despite its scientific-sounding name, advocates for teaching creationism in public schools and obstructing actual science education.

Of course, ridiculous cult-based laws will never pass the US Congress or be signed into law by the President. But it just goes to show how far off the deep end this Regressive republican bunch is willing to go -- and who backs them up financially.

One more thing. Remember that these nutjobs who are always trying to inflict biblical laws or so-called christian values into our secular government are the same ones who are always passing laws in red states to keep Sharia Law out.

There has never been any attempt to inflict Sharia Law into any state or local government.

California's Mimi Walters, our Regressive republican jackass of the week.

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