Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thoughts on the George Zimmerman Trial

A bunch of random thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Trayvon Martin had no police record whatsoever. Vigilante George, however, was arrested for battery on a police officer, and had a restraining order against him. Hmm... WHO'S the violent one here?
  •  Vigilante Killer Thug George Zimmerman had a record of calling the cops exclusively on young black males -- more than 50 times in the last two years. But of course we're not supposed to believe he's a racist.
  • We're not supposed to believe George had an attitude against Trayvon simply by seeing him walking in the street. Zimmerman clearly profiled Trayvon and characterized him as a criminal based on nothing. He was recorded saying, "these assholes always get away," "he's looking for trouble," and "fucking punks!" all because he saw a black teenager walking home from the store and gabbing on the phone.
  • A person who is actually a CrimeWatch volunteer knows he is not to be armed. But Zimmerman was. He knows he is not to get involved in chasing, pursuing or confronting anyone. That's the cops' job. He is to call police if he sees something suspicious -- nothing more. That's why it's called CrimeWatch. See? The word "watch" is right in there.
  • The dispatcher told George not to follow Trayvon. He disobeyed, getting out of the car, and following Trayvon on foot.
  • No real CrimeWatch volunteer is ever to be judge, jury and executioner on the street.
  • George had almost a 100-pound advantage over Trayvon, was trained in martial arts, and was carrying a loaded weapon. Despite all this, we're supposed to believe he was the one yelling for help.
  • George, the failed cop wannabe, referred to Trayvon many times as "the suspect." That's a term police use for someone they believe has committed a crime. George was not a cop. And Trayvon was not suspected of committing any crime whatsoever.
  • Trayvon's friend on the phone stated that Trayvon was clearly creeped-out by this older guy following him and said "why are you following me?" and "get off me" later in the call. Phone records bear this out to the exact minute of the attack.
  • On the Fox channel, with his lawyer sitting right next to him, George claimed he had never heard of Florida's "stand your ground" law. But George's professor stated, under oath, that he had covered the subject several times in George's class. This was one of the only classes in which George received an 'A'. 
  • The defense wanted to use Trayvon's texts as evidence. Nothing that Trayvon could have texted at any time during his life would justify Zimmerman's stalking, confronting, and shooting Trayvon to death on the street. It's totally irrelevant.
  • It doesn't matter who's on top at the end of a fight; what matters is who started it. If George started the fight, and I believe he did, it's too bad for him if he got the worst of it.
  • The defense desperately wanted to be able to say that minute traces of marijuana were in Trayvon's system. Are they idiots? Are they the only people on Earth who don't know that pot doesn't make you aggressive and violent, but rather mellow and relaxed?
  • The 2 drugs that Zimmerman was on conflicted with each other; one was Temazepam and the other was Adderall.
    According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the drug Temazepam is also known to cause “aggressiveness” and “hallucinations,” among other problematic symptoms.
    Zimmerman was also on the often-abused prescription drug Adderall, which is known to cause "worsening mental or mood problems (eg, aggression, anxiety, delusions, depression, hallucination, hostility)."
  • The struggle and gunshot took place just a few yards from Trayvon's house -- proving that George pursued Trayvon and did not return to his truck as instructed.
  • Remember the surveillance video at the Sanford police station that was taken a couple of hours after Zimmerman's alleged "beating of his life." He was calmly walking around the police department, not staggering, not very bloody at all, and most importantly, not lying in a hospital bed.
  • Zimmerman was buddy-buddy with many on the corrupt Sanford PD, which knew he shot a kid on the street but refused to arrest him that night, and didn't arrest him for 6 weeks, until forced to.
  • George claimed he was punched in the face "25 to 30 times." The expert witness said no way. His nose was bloody but wasn't broken. He was probably hit once. And if he was punched in the face 30 times, he'd have spent weeks in the hospital. Turns out, he was never even examined by emergency personnel for his wounds.
  • The scratches on the back of his head were from it hitting the ground probably once, according to the expert under oath. Zimmerman claimed his head was "repeatedly slammed into the cement."
  • Now we're told by the owner of the gym he attended 3 times a week for 8 months that poor George was weak, flabby, and couldn't defend himself. Interesting for a guy who had an 80 pound advantage over Trayvon, who was taking martial arts classes, and who had a loaded gun. And it doesn't say much about that guy's gym, now, does it?
  • And finally, who was screaming for help? The person who had a gun pointed at him. The person pointing the gun never screams for help.
This being said, I have no confidence this Vigilante Killer Thug will be convicted of anything. The six rubes chosen for the jury in this tiny redneck town in Florida will never convict a white-looking guy for the shooting death of a black teen. I hope I'm wrong.

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