Wednesday, July 31, 2013

George Zimmerman Stopped for Speeding in Texas

George Zimmerman was stopped by police for speeding in Forney, Texas Sunday afternoon, TMZ is reporting.
During the stop, he said he was headed "nowhere in particular" and told the officer he had a gun in his glove compartment.
Zimmerman was given a warning and told to "Have a nice trip," TMZ reported.
So... he's in the news again, huh?

Let's see: Recently this murderer got away with killing an unarmed teenager walking home from the store.

Then he mysteriously appeared on the scene of an accident, just blocks away from where he killed the teenager.  This story, by the way, was only reported by his buddies on the Sanford Police Department -- you know, the ones who let him go the night he murdered a kid, after not bothering to test him for drugs or alcohol. And there wasn't a single camera around to snap a picture.

In 2013. Right.

Now he's speeding through Texas, armed, with no destination in mind at all.

Of course he has to be armed. He needs to protect himself from some vigilante who may want to take the law into his own hands.

Get the irony there?

But let's give Old Georgie the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was speeding to help more invisible people get out of their invisible overturned vehicle.

Just as I predicted, he'll be in the news again and again. Guarantee he'll be in real trouble again very soon. And he'll go to jail for something else, just like OJ. Get out your crayons and mark this down.

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