Friday, November 22, 2013

Republican Jackass of the Week

The dark haired guy who's not Steve Doocy on that Fox morning show.

Actually is as dumb as he looks.
Yes, I know the sole purpose of the Fox Noise Channel is to irrationally attack everything President Obama does -- even if Republicans formerly agreed with his policies -- in order to entertain the scared, older, white audience that's finding itself becoming an ever-shrinking minority. We all get that. But this is over-the-top ridiculous.

This week, the Fox Teleprompter Readers are pretending to be outraged because President Obama didn't go to Gettysburg to commemorate the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

The nerve of that guy in the White House, right?

Oh, wait a minute. When was the last time any  US president commemorated the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address?

Over 100 years ago. Yep, William Howard Taft was the last one to do so -- in 1909.

But that didn't stop the rampant stupidity flowing from Fox.

Why, the Dark-Haired-Guy-Who-Isn't-Steve-Doocy was outraged I tell ya -- that the President "snubbed" the anniversary claiming it's "inappropriate for our president to bypass" this commemoration.

And what if he did attend? What would the rightwing rabble rousers be screaming?

"Who does he think he is -- Lincoln?"
"How arrogant and uppity of him!"
"How much is this trip costing taxpayers?"
"He's trying to distract from the healthcare problems!"
"He's trying to distract from Benghaziiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

The-Dark-Haired-Guy-Who-Isn't-Steve Doocy, this week's Republican Jackass of the Week.

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