Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Deal: It Covers 3 Million out of 45 Million Uninsured

I couldn't have put it better than a recent letter to the editor in the Miami Herald:

Rep. John Boehner`s Nov 4 Other Views column, Republicans have a much better plan: The Republican leadership have finally come forward, albeit nine months late and at the 11th hour, offering a plan to address health care reform.

Unfortunately for Boehner, analysis of the Republican alternative by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office determines that the proposed plan will, over 10 years, reduce the number of uninsured -- currently 45 million -- by three million. This projects leaving a full 17 percent of our population lacking coverage by 2019, exactly the same rate of uninsured we have today.

According to the CBO, the Democratic plan will cover 12 times as many people and save approximately $36 million more than the Republicans' "better plan."

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