Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cheney's 5th Heart Attack

Dick Cheney is hospitalized this weekend, after reporting "discomfort." Last February, he suffered his fifth heart attack. His first came at age 37. After all the misery, death, suffering and unnecessary wars this very evil man has caused, you'd think it would be difficult to summon sympathy for him. You'd be right. Here are just a few online reader responses:

There a line, which after you cross, you forfeit all right to compassion.

5 deferments means there were 5 young men sent to Vietnam in his place. I hope each one came home safe with a sound body and mind to their loved ones.

He will be missed by a few families members, but from the rest of the world, F@$k him.

May you receive the same answer to your prayers as those who have 'benefitted' from your policies.

5,500 dead Americans today because of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their families miss them and mourn their losses. Tens of thousands more American military personnel are maimed. How many more came home physically intact but continue to suffer post-traumatic stress? My sympathies lie with the brave Americans who sacrificed their all for this nation and with their broken-hearted families who miss them so terribly...

Too bad he wasn't admitted to the hospital for test when he was showing acute signs of being selfishly blind and morally indifferent.

Frankly, it's amazing - given the amount of virulent greed eating away his body - that he's lasted this long.

So glad he's enjoying such excellent health care at no cost to him. It would be a shame if 5 heart attacks depleted his savings and left his family destitute.

Two pacemakers, various angioplasties, and don't forget the wheel chair so he wouldn't have to stand at Obama's inauguration.

I don't hear hear him complaining about the government-run insurance now.

Where are Palin's "death panels" when you need them?

So, the man who sent 5000 Americans to die in Iraq deserves compassion? How so...? Personally, I save compassion for people that deserve compassion.

Good thing he has the best medical plan government can buy. And no premiums paid by him.

I will not wish ill on Mr. Cheney. To do so would only serve to bring me to his level which is something I could not live with. I will leave Mr. Cheney with this -- think hard, sir, of all you have done in your life. Think of those who have suffered for your greed and your lust for power. Think of those thousands of innocents who have died, so that you might line your pockets with gold. Think of the arrogance and deceit that defines your life. For if what you believe is correct -- that there is a god -- you, sir, will have a lot of explaining to do.

It's sad when a person faces tragedy. And it's sad when a person creates tragedies for many others.

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