Thursday, June 24, 2010

They Love BP But Hate Unemployed Americans

The rightwing Regressives in Congress continue to love and defend the BP oil corporation. Many actually have said BP is the victim in the biggest environmental disaster in history. But how do they like Americans? Not so much.

Today they voted 57-41 against continuing unemployment benefits to Americans who have become jobless thanks to their policies. This would increase the national debt by about 0.0004%. It would be one of the most efficient ways to keep the economy recovering, as people who receive unemployment money tend to spend every dime they receive.

From the Associated Press:

Democrats have been trying to advance the measure for months as an insurance policy against a double-dip recession.

Despite another round of cuts to the measure aimed at pacifying GOP deficit concerns, not a single Republican broke with party leaders determined to kill the measure.

You see, the Regressives who scream "we're the patriots" actually want a second recession and more unemployment to help them win in November.

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