Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elections 2010

It's not as bad as expected.

This “tsunami” of Regressives and Teabaggers some have predicted just hasn’t been as “overwhelming” as had been predicted. Yeah, we’re stuck with Rick Scott as governor and Marco Rubio as senator in Florida, and Regressives took back the House, but not in the huge, massive numbers they all expected and bragged about.

The Republicans now have 4 more governor seats; they have 54 more House seats.

Good for them.

But they didn’t win back the Senate! And they don’t have ANYTHING close to a veto-proof majority in Congress. This means that the day the new Congress takes office, it will be business as usual.

Regressives have a majority in the House and the Democrats have a majority in the Senate. But now Republicans can’t sit on their hands and scream "no" on every bill like petulant children. If things don’t get better soon, it will, in part, be THEIR fault.

If the few extremist Teabaggers who actually won think they’re gonna get their radical agenda through with the run-of-the-mill Republicans in Congress, and the Dem-controlled Senate, and have it signed by the President, they’re in for a rude awakening. Ain’t gonna happen. All those threats of eliminating the Dept of Education, the IRS, Civil Rights Legislation, etc are not gonna happen. And since NOT ONE OF THEM has ever been specific about what they’d cut, now they’ll have to deal with reality. Quite a sobering day coming up for them.

In addition, none of the most extreme fringe far rightwing nutjobs won.

  • The Delaware meatball-eating witch with mouse brains was soundly defeated.
  • So was Palladino, the guy who threatened the NY Post reporter.
  • Angle, the one who thinks it’s not a bad idea to use “second amendment remedies” on congressmen she disagrees with was soundly defeated (thank goodness for her, since the second amendment remedies would therefore be applied to HER as well).
  • And the guy who needs a shave in Alaska (whose rented thugs fake arrested and illegally held a reporter) was not elected either.

“I am not a witch.” Well guess what, honey? You’re not a Senator either.

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