Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect Summary of the Recent Election

Couldn't have put it better myself, written by an anonymous blog poster in the Sun Sentinel:

Making the statement that the "voters have spoken," based on, lets be kind, a 60% vote from 18% of eligible voters is delusional. Americans stayed home in droves, choosing to watch TV instead.

[In 2006] the republicans were chucked because they let wall street bankers run the financial system into the toilet, and waged two wars -- supposedly to "keep America safe" while enriching their buddies -- and supported big corporations who owe NO allegiance to America. Their fearless leader thought the Constitution was only a piece of paper, and that whatever the president does is legal, just because.

The democrats got chucked because they couldn't do anything to change that in the face of a filibuster machine in the senate. Now we are back to republicans, in some insane attempt to fix the problem by doing the same thing again. Except now, in their win-at-any-cost drive for power, the republicans have mobilized the wingnuts, racists and armed militias. What's next, torchlight parades?

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