Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GUILTY of Corruption!

Tom DeLay, former Republican House Majority Leader, was found guilty of illegally funneling corporate money to Texas candidates (money laundering) in a Texas court today. He may find himself in prison for life.

Here's what he did: He conspired with two associates to use his Political Action Committee to send almost a quarter million dollars to the Republican National Committee, which, in turn sent the same amount back to 7 Republicans in Texas. The money helped the Republicans take control of the Texas House, set up new districts allowing even more Republicans to be voted in, making DeLay even more powerful.

Compare this to the story about Charlie Rangel of NY, which fox and the rightwing radio blowhards love to scream about. Rangel, a Democrat, recently was found guilty of ethics violations resulting in a censure (basically a "stern talking to") because -- are you ready for this? -- while raising money for an educational center charity, he used House stationary to solicit donations and filled out certain forms incorrectly, and improperly reported rental income. Heavens to Betsy!

DeLay, on the other hand, engaged in money laundering to corrupt the entire political system in Texas to make himself more powerful.

One filled out forms incorrectly while raising money for a charity; the other laundered a quarter million dollars to corrupt the system for personal gain.

Enjoy your time in prison, Tommy! No more dancing with stars for you.

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