Saturday, February 4, 2012

Job GROWTH During the Obama Administration

Clear evidence of the undeniable success of President Obama's policies on job creation.

The US lost more and more jobs every month during Cheney and Bush's last year. The country was hemorrhaging over 750,000 jobs a month when President Obama was sworn in. Fewer and fewer jobs were lost all through his first year until we began 23 continuous months of positive job growth.

The Regressive republicans' front runner, Willard Romney loves to repeat at every campaign stop that "President Obama didn't cause the recession; he just made it worse." Now you can clearly see that's a lie.

Share this blog post with all your Regressive republican family members and co-workers who believe the constantly repeated lies they hear from Willard, the Regressives in Congress, and the teleprompter-readers on Fox.

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