Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Devil Made Him Do It

It was different 50 years ago. People were in a panic about JFK -- the first catholic president -- inflicting his church's views into politics.

Now it's the essence of Pope Santorum's campaign.

Lucifer / Satan / The Devil and his Red Pitchfork apparently are attacking the country! The US needs an exorcism! Call for The Pennsylvania Pope to rescue us, and declare War on Hell! Where's Linda Blair and the pea soup when you need them?

His church doesn't like birth control -- this is not abortion we're talking about folks, it's just birth control! -- and so insurance companies must not offer these types of women's health services to people who work for catholic schools and hospitals, even though thousands of them ARE NOT EVEN CATHOLIC. Doesn't matter. Little Ricky Santorum has decided NO BIRTH CONTROL FOR YOU! Kinda like the Soup Nazi, but for family planning.

Interesting that in all the polls I've seen, the most important issues in the eyes of voters are jobs and the economy. Not even 1% say The Devil or birth control are the most pressing issues of the day.

But don't let that stop Mr "Something's Burning Down There" Santorum.

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