Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Riddance, Andrew Breitbart

A far rightwing blogger and rabble rouser died yesterday.

Andrew Breitbart was only 43 years old. It's always a shame when someone dies at such an early age, because there are people left behind who cared about them.

That having been said, let's remember that this man purposely and vengefully attempted to destroy the career of Shirley Sherrod, Georgia Director of Rural Development of the USDA, by twisting and editing her words in such a way that she ended up appearing to say something that was exactly the opposite of what she was actually saying, making her look like a racist. She was forced to resign because of the controversy.

This is the man who purposely and vengefully publicly posted compromising photos of NY Representative Anthony Weiner, thereby destroying his career in politics, despite the fact that Weiner did absolutely nothing illegal.

This is also the man who purposely and vengefully worked to destroy ACORN, an advocacy group that supported the needs and rights of low income families. He used bad actors, props and dishonest editing to make the group appear crooked and sinister.

Wikipedia states that four different independent investigations by various state and city Attorneys General and the GAO released in 2009 and 2010 cleared ACORN, finding its employees had not engaged in criminal activities and that the organization had managed its federal funding appropriately, and calling the videos deceptively and selectively edited to present the workers in the worst possible light. Despite this, by March 2010, 15 of ACORN's 30 state chapters had already closed and the group announced it was closing its remaining state chapters and disbanding.

The day after Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died, Little Andrew called him a "pile of human excrement."

If a well-loved Senator -- like Ted Kennedy, who spent decades fighting for working Americans -- can be disparaged one day after his death, why should any respect be given to a despicable guy like this, who did nothing but destroy anybody in his path?

This man managed to harbor more hate, contempt, and anger in 43 years than most people accumulate in a lifetime. He didn't care who he destroyed in his vile, desperate quest for constant attention. He will not be missed.

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