Monday, April 16, 2012

A Few More Thoughts About the Trayvon Story

Trayvon's parents have both been unbelievably professional, calm and dignified throughout the most horrific ordeal of their lives. They have demanded nothing but an arrest and justice.

How un-American to demand justice, huh righties?

I agree with Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon's mother, that the self-appointed vigilante murderous thug owes the Martin family an apology. He should deliver it right after the trial, on his way to prison.

* * *

For the record, every time Al Sharpton spoke at a rally he called for peaceful, lawful demonstrations,  denounced violence, but demanded justice, despite the lies on Fox, referring to Sharpton as "a race baiter" and "inciting violence".

The so-called New Black Panthers -- all 4 of them -- represent nobody, including the original Black Panthers. Everyone has condemned their inappropriate talk. Only on the Corrupt Rupert Channel is this the main and constant issue, because it fits their narrative. It gives their angry, white, upper middle aged rightwing audience what it tunes in for.

* * *

"I think he's troubled with the charges," O'Mara (Zimmerman's new lawyer) said. "I think that he is troubled with the last number of weeks of what he's had to go through. This isolation."

Aww, the poor thing. Maybe he wouldn't be in this situation had he not decided to deem an American teenager walking on the street "suspicious" and "up to no good", stalk him and shoot him.

Wait, I have to wipe away a tear before I can finish this.

Hey, you shot and killed a kid who did nothing to you, pal. Now shut up. You'll get over your "troubled feeling" and isolation. Trayvon will never come back to life thanks to you. Hopefully they won't find a jury as stupid as the Casey Anthony and OJ juries were.

* * *

When the original 2 lawyers of the vigilante killer thug abandoned him last week, it was allegedly because they hadn't heard from him in a couple of days and didn't know where he was. In actuality, they had never met him in person. Not once. Yet they made all sorts of wild claims about him, including that his nose was broken, his head was bashed in, he felt threatened, it was self defense, etc. Once they lost contact with him (or better yet, once they found out his story was full of holes) they bailed out and threw him under the bus. Suddenly this "very credible, misunderstood person" was not in his right mind, not acting responsibly, a danger to himself and others, etc. Amazing how fast these two were able to pivot 180 degrees when they wanted to disassociate themselves from this thug.

* * *

The thug's defenders are always whining about "being tried by the media." Yet the thug's own father couldn't control himself, getting on TV several times -- mainly on the very sympathetic Fox Channel -- spouting hate against the President, and making all kinds of claims on Little George's behalf, ALL of which were hearsay and not admissible in court. Even the vigilante thug tried to inappropriately contact the special prosecutor personally, and when he failed at that, spoke to friendly, rightwing apologist Sean Hannity, looking for attention, promotion, publicity, fund raising and someone who would paint a sympathetic picture of him.

* * *

Zimmerman, this self-appointed vigilante murderous thug, is a Regressive republican. His Republican father spouted all the typical hate speech directed at the President when he simply offered condolences to the family and demanded an investigation. The new state attorney in this case, Angela Corey, is also a Republican, appointed by Republican Florida governor Rick Scott. So if the outcome is not what the racist righties are expecting, they have no Liberals to blame. Corey is charging Zimmerman with Second Degree Murder.

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