Sunday, April 29, 2012

"She's Never Worked a Day in Her Life"

Two weeks ago, when this whole Hilary Rosen baloney began, I didn't have time to write about it. But it's a rainy Sunday afternoon so I thought now's a good time.

"She's never worked a day in her life."

That was CNN Contributor Hilary Rosen's response when Ann Romney was asked to speak to the issues of American mothers who have to work outside the home.

When "Thurston Romney the Third" was asked about issues dealing with working American women, he deferred to his wife. Hilary Rosen, who works for CNN, said that using Ann as a spokesperson for American working women was ridiculous because "she's never worked a day in her life."

A true statement.

She was talking about the work force, since the question was about women in the work force.

It wasn't a slam at moms, apple pie, the flag or Chevrolet, much as the manufactured outrage suggested.

Mrs. Thurston Romney the Third, or "Lovey" to her friends, chose to stay home and raise kids, unlike the typical American mother who has no choice if she wants her kids to eat.

In addition, Lovey Romney had cooks, nannies, au pairs, housekeepers, gardeners, stable hands, horse groomers, etc, which typical American mothers who have to work DON'T HAVE.

This whole silly fake controversy ended abruptly when Annie Romney ADMITTED on tape that this nonsense was "an early birthday present... I loved it."

"She's never worked a day in her life": a true statement.

Outrage: manufactured and revealed by Lovey's own words on tape.

To make matters worse, Thurston said, on tape, that mothers on welfare with kids as young as two years old should get out into the workforce to enjoy "the dignity of work," which his wife NEVER experienced.  So I'm inferring that Thurston thinks his own wife never earned "the dignity of work" since she never worked outside the home.

Where's the Regressive republican outrage about that?

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