Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marriage Vs Civil Unions

Why not just allow same sex couples to participate in civil unions, with their very limited number of rights, as opposed to being granted the full number of rights -- over 1,000 -- that come with "marriage," some rightwingers innocently ask?

Here's the answer. The term "civil unions" is not acceptable. We don't grant rights to people based on other ignorant people's need to be placated.

Marriage is not a religious ceremony. It was mainly and originally an arranged property contract that included women and daughters as part of "chattel." You can get married in a religious ceremony, but it's not necessary. Marriage is a union between two consenting adults as recognized BY LAW.

You have to get a license from the state before you get married, but then you can get a religious ceremony if you choose, or you can go to Vegas and have an Elvis impersonator marry you. The fact that the STATE has to grant you a license means that it cannot discriminate based on any cult's ideology.

Remember, the state cannot refuse to grant Jews a fishing license, blacks a drivers license, women a business license, etc.

No cult will ever be made to marry same sex couples. They can discriminate all they want. But the state government cannot.

Marriage is a legal contract dependent upon a license issued by the state. It is un-Constitutional, as I've shown above, for the state to arbitrarily discriminate in issuing licenses.

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