Friday, May 11, 2012

Willard Romney: Cowardly Bully

Love how the rightwing crybabies are spinning excuses for Wishy Washy Willard's behavior in high school, when he and a bunch of his friends assaulted another student at the elite, prestigious Cranbrook School.

A face you'd like to smack.
This privileged little prick organized a gang of 6 bully-cowards to attack and assault a kid who was "different," ganging up on him, knocking him to the ground, holding him down and cutting off his hair. This was not a cutesy "prank" or "hijinks" as his mouthpieces are trying to spin it.

Interesting how all the other guys involved in this episode clearly remember every detail of it, and how guilty they've felt ever since.

Not our Wishy Washy Willard. Selective amnesia has magically erased this part of his memory bank.

Believe me, if it was discovered that in high school Barack Obama led a gang of 6 to terrorize and assault another student, Corrupt Rupert's teleprompter-readers wouldn't be "chuckling" about it. They'd be calling Barack a thug, a gang member, a terrorist.

This behavior shows Willard's same lack of character and tendency toward abuse that we see with the dog-on-roof story; with Willard giggling through the tale about his father firing thousands of people in Michigan, then trying to stop the school band from playing "On Wisconsin" during a parade -- reminding them where the jobs went -- as if it was funny; saying he likes firing people; and working for Bain Capital where he took over and destroyed companies firing tens of thousands in the process.

Everybody knows a bully is an insecure little coward. We don't need a coward in the White House.

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  1. Exactly right. Romney's character is beneath contempt. Despicable.